Bitcoin Payments

Bitcoin Payment Acceptance

 – Alkebulansiol accepts Bitcoin as a form of payment for the purchase of euros notes printed by our group.
Bitcoin payments are accepted through our designated Bitcoin wallet address, which will be provided upon request. Buy Crypto
– Payments must be made in full and in accordance with the agreed-upon exchange rate at the time of purchase.

Refund Policy

 – Alkebulansiol operates a strict no- automatic refund policy for Bitcoin payments.
– Due to the nature of Bitcoin transactions and the irreversible nature of blockchain technology, once a Bitcoin payment is made, it cannot be refunded.
– Alkebulansiol advises customers to thoroughly review their orders before making payment to ensure accuracy and satisfaction.

Exchange Rate:

– The exchange rate for Bitcoin payments will be determined at the time of purchase and will be clearly communicated to the customer.
– Any fluctuations in the Bitcoin exchange rate after the payment has been made will not affect the agreed-upon price for the transaction.

Cancellation Policy

 – Orders paid for with Bitcoin cannot be cancelled once payment has been made.
– Alkebulansiol reserves the right to cancel an order if there are any concerns regarding payment verification or fraudulent activity.

Dispute Resolution:

 – In the event of any disputes regarding Bitcoin payments, customers are encouraged to contact Alkebulansiol’s customer support team for resolution.
– Alkebulansiol will make every effort to address and resolve any disputes in a timely and fair manner.

Legal Disclaimer

– Alkebulansiol operates in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations governing the sale and distribution of euros notes.
– Customers are responsible for ensuring that their purchase of euros notes complies with the laws and regulations of their jurisdiction.

Buy Crypto, By making a Bitcoin payment to Alkebulansiol, customers acknowledge that they have read, understood, and agreed to abide by the terms and conditions outlined in this Bitcoin Payment and Refund Policy.